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It is important to keep innovating

It is important to keep innovating


Anand Chakravarthi, Area Vice President of Pivot 3, talks about the company’s 9-years of participation at Intersec and the new innovations that were showcased at the event this year.

Anand Chakravarthi, Area Vice President of Pivot 3

Give us a brief snapshot of what your organization does?
Pivot 3 offers a hyper-converged platform with primary focus on the physical infrastructure for video, which is surveillance and storage. Additionally, we are also looking into IoT, as it has gained a lot of momentum in the recent times. We have also developed something called the ‘Quality of Service,’ that enables customers from different applications to set priorities. This is very critical for running different workloads on the same infrastructure, because it becomes important to prioritize the most critical applications to get the best out of the resources. So, these are our main focus points.

What new innovations are you showcasing at Intersec this year?
There are three major things that were showcased at the event this year. Firstly, the traditional video surveillance. We also displayed video analytics which is becoming a huge thing in this part of the world. We are supporting areas such as facial recognition, license plate recognition, traffic monitoring, which are very graphic processing-intensive in nature. And finally, we showcased IoT.

Which industries / organizations do you target as your primary customer base?
We are a very focused and a niched player in the industry. There are two types of customers that approach us- one who are looking at us for regulatory purposes and the other who take video and security very seriously. In terms of verticals, one of our most important one is retail. Almost, 70 per cent of the malls in Dubai run on Pivot 3. Hospitality is yet another huge vertical for us. Apart from that, we are also working with the Federal Government across the region since video data is very critical for them, be it for state security, secret service, the police department or for any other purpose.

What gives Pivot3 an edge over its competitors?
Having been a key player in the industry for 10 years now, we believe that we have been innovating and adding new technologies to our platform, ensuring that we are optimizing it further. As technology evolves, people expect it to be a lot denser. So, it is important to keep innovating. There have been a lot of new start-ups that are coming up today and we need to certify them because they have their own market shares. So, this calls for us to be agile in terms of accommodating new technologies.

What is the road ahead for Pivot3?
We are looking at a lot of growth. We are also looking to hire a lot more people in this region. We believe that we have been very successful in the market. We have been growing 20 -30 per cent year after year. And looking ahead, we hope to expand further and make Dubai a lot safer.

What has your experience been like in the past years at Intersec, and how is it different this year?
We have been participating at Intersec for the past nine years and it has been one of the most successful events for us. Mainly because it is a very focused event and customers are very focused in terms of what they are looking for. We also tend to meet a lot of new customers from across the region. All in all, this is a great place for us to meet new people and also people who don’t know who we are. This gives them an opportunity to interact with us and understand what we do.


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