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Why Are Stakes So High For CISOs

Phil Muncaster, guest writer at ESET talks about the heavy workloads and the spectre of personal liability for incidents that take a toll on security leaders, so much so that many of them look for the exits. What does this mean for corporate cyber-defenses?

The 5 Technology Trends Affecting The Security Sector In 2024

By Johan Paulsson, CTO, Axis Communications Even for those of us who have been working in the technology industry for decades, the pace of change over the past 12 months has been extraordinary. Once again, we’re left in no doubt that technological innovations are bringing both huge opportunities and more complex challenges than we’ve faced before, and they show no sign of slowing down. Keeping pace with the changes and their implications — for vendors, customers, and regulators — demands […]

Six Tips To Protect Your Organisation From Holiday Scams

By Jay Kelley, Senior Product Marketing Manager for BIG-IP Security at F5 With the winter holiday season fast approaching, scams targeting online shoppers will be on the rise. Attackers and bad actors will go to any lengths to get your data and hard-earned cash using techniques including phishing emails and mobile texts containing links to fake websites designed to look like legitimate brands. All it takes is one employee or user to open an authentic-looking phishing email or text on […]
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