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Pivot3 announces large-scale surveillance solution

Pivot3 announces large-scale surveillance solution


Pivot3 announced the release of its new large-scale surveillance solution that is designed to support video surveillance and security deployments of 500TB or more. The new large-scale surveillance solution, the V5-2000, uses a highly-dense platform — dual Intel Xeon Scalable processors and up to 288TB storage in two rack units — with advanced features, including automatic failover and advanced data protection. This eliminates downtime and data loss resulting from hardware failures, providing the resilience required for mission-critical video applications.

Available solutions for large video surveillance and security systems are typically cost-prohibitive. While costs can be reduced by using commodity NVRs, these systems lack the resilience, scalability, ease of use and advanced functionality required for modern surveillance environments.

With this latest solution, Pivot3 is streamlining large scale video, security management and storage environments by hosting video management software, security applications and storage on a modular, scalable appliance. This significantly lowers cost and delivers higher rack density for multi-PB video installations with the lowest price point in the market for scalable video surveillance infrastructure.

The solution can deliver over 6PB of storage in a single rack while supporting over 15,000 cameras (750 per node), reducing footprint, power and cooling requirements. This new offering further improves Pivot3’s industry-leading video performance, supporting up to 30,000 mbits/s of video ingest (1430 mbit/s per node), and increasing video retention times.

“With this new platform, Pivot3 delivers the best reliability and price point of any server and storage solution for video surveillance in the market,” said Brandon Reich, surveillance practice leader, Pivot3. “Building on more than a decade of experience creating solutions purpose-built for video, this platform supports more cameras and delivers longer video retention times for less cost, which broadens our dependable options available for our surveillance and security customers.”


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