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Quantum releases new reference architecture for large-scale video surveillance

Quantum releases new reference architecture for large-scale video surveillance


Quantum Corporation announced the release of a reference architecture for large-scale surveillance workloads. The new reference architecture combines a highly available front end with Quantum StorNext, to address the growing need for high-performance, large-scale shared storage.

Jamie Lerner, President and CEO at Quantum

Video surveillance cameras are the biggest data generators in the world. As camera resolutions continue to increase, data volumes are growing exponentially. Today, surveillance data is used for much more than just security and loss prevention. New applications include analyzing traffic patterns to improve flow or using number plate recognition to speed up payments at toll booths and drive-throughs. Data retention requirements are expanding to allow time for additional analysis. Managing the complexity and scale of large surveillance workloads requires a shared storage solution with sufficiently high performance to ensure that cameras are always recording and frames are not dropped.

Quantum has designed a shared storage solution that specifically addresses the performance, scale and retention requirements of large surveillance workloads. The solution combines enhanced hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) software for Quantum’s VS1110-A application servers and a unique configuration of StorNext shared file storage optimized for video surveillance. Quantum has designed and validated a modular, scalable reference architecture that supports from 500 to 2,000 cameras and 30 days to one year of retention.

“Video surveillance is increasingly being used to make our cities smarter and modernize business operations through analytics. However, at a certain level of scale, IT-based shared storage solutions simply can’t keep up with today’s surveillance workloads,” said Jamie Lerner, President and CEO at Quantum. “As the world’s fastest file system for video workloads, Quantum StorNext is uniquely suited to large-scale surveillance use cases. The resiliency gained through high-performance shared storage with an HCI front end will give customers peace of mind that they won’t drop a single frame.”

The new reference architecture is part of Quantum’s continuing investment and innovation for the surveillance and security market. Other recent developments include the ability to securely monitor Quantum NVR systems remotely using Quantum’s Cloud-Based Analytics software.

Quantum has also recently appointed two surveillance industry veterans to spearhead business development in the Middle EastIndia and Asia PacificAnand Chakravarthi has joined as Sales Director – Middle East and India. He brings more than 25 years of technology leadership experience, most recently as Area Vice President – Middle EastAfricaIndia and Asia Pacific at Pivot3. In addition, Anthony Koo has been appointed Business Development Manager – APAC, bringing over a decade of experience in the physical security industry at companies including Pivot3, Ricoh, and Siemens.

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