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Optex joins hands with Fiber Sensys for Middle East

Optex joins hands with Fiber Sensys for Middle East


Optex Europe Limited and Fiber SenSys Inc have joined their hands together in Middle East as a single entity to further strengthen their combined presence in the region and offer an even broader range of product solutions, with local representation in Saudi Arabia and in UAE.

Both entities are part of the Optex Group, a leading sensor manufacturer for 40 years, with extensive expertise in deploying perimeter protection and intrusion detection systems in the Middle East. By joining forces both companies will be able to provide their customers in the region with a stronger local presence and an enhanced product portfolio. From 1st April, the Fiber Sensys Dubai branch will be fully operational to manage customers’ needs in the region; product and staff support will remain the same.

“Optex and Fiber Sensys’ product offering complements each other to provide a multi-layered intrusion detection system,” says Masaya Kida, Managing Director for Optex Europe. “In Europe and Africa, our sales and technical teams operate as one and it was a logical step to create the same synergy in the Middle East.”

“Most security projects in the region require a combination of detection technologies to achieve the most secure and reliable level of security,” adds Gaurav Mahajan, Divisional Manager for Optex in the Middle East. “It is great news that we can now provide our customers with fibre optic fence intrusion detection, surveillance radar, long-range LIDARs, PIRs and beam towers.”

The combined team will be exhibiting at Intersec Saudi Arabia at the Jeddah Center between 14th and 16th April 2019.


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