Home News Milestone holds its first Integration Expo in Johannesburg
Milestone holds its first Integration Expo in Johannesburg

Milestone holds its first Integration Expo in Johannesburg


Milestone Systems held their first Integration Expo on the African continent in Johannesburg with an aim to offer share the experience how the Milestone VMS platform seamlessly integrates with industry-leading solutions in relevant verticals.

A total of 8 industry-leading partners showcased their latest, innovative solutions with Milestone, namely Axis, Gallagher, Hyperdrive, Cygnetic technologies, Mobotix, Advancis, ISDS and Quanergy. All partners shared their engaging success stories through live demos and interactive sessions, which were met with great interest from the more than 150 attendees.

The flexible agenda concept allowed attendees to customize their day and join only the sessions they really wanted to see. Feedback was that most attendees found the sessions so engaging they ended up spending the day at the event anyway.

Technology sections that stood out during the day were Isentry from ISDS; the AI based autonomous behavioral analytic which can learn and accurately alert within 24 hours of deployment and reduce the amount of material viewed by operators by up to 97%. Briefcam was also shown as part of the solution offered by ISDS. This was a great way to shrink the footage of the day to a couple of minutes in a synopsis further enhancing the power Video analytics.

Quanergy with their LiDAR smart sensing technology also impressed the crowd; leveraging real-time 3D mapping to track objects and with Milestone activate cameras and other rules to enhance the solution.

Armand Steffens, Country Manager Africa said “This first Integration Expo in Africa was a great learning experience for us. We were impressed with the partner engagements in the live demo’s and thrilled to see the positive feedback from the interactive sessions. Gallagher even sponsored the event registration allowing people to tag into sessions using the access cards, giving us a true indication of attendance in each session and an overall view of the popularity between sessions. This reporting really proved worthwhile and showcased the power of access control linked to video. I find this event really proved the true innovation power of our Milestone community.”

Steven Patteeuw from longtime Milestone partner Advancis expressed “Advancis was very pleased to be part of the Milestone Integration Expo in Johannesburg. We were delighted to showcase how VMS and CCTV technologies are greatly enhanced by WinGuard PSIM, which provides security control rooms with next-generation features in system integration, real-time control, and operator workflow guidance as well as the flexibility of custom requirements that can evolve as a client needs them to. The individual sessions of the Milestone event in South Africa allowed us to highlight these advantages in a perfect presentation environment.“


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