Home News Nearly 2,000 participants gathered at Milestone Systems’ annual events
Nearly 2,000 participants gathered at Milestone Systems’ annual events

Nearly 2,000 participants gathered at Milestone Systems’ annual events


Milestone Systems recently hosted the regional partner and customer events MIPS (Milestone Integration Platform Symposium) in Nashville, Copenhagen and Bali. The three events attracted nearly 2,000 attendees and 124 exhibitors, to discuss industry-relevant themes such as the impact of disrupting innovation, blending human and machine intelligence, and how the power of the platform economy is a game-changer for players who build intelligent video technology and security solutions.

Milestone Systems unveiled their new digital platform Milestone Marketplace. Marketplace helps unleash the innovation power of the Milestone Systems partner community and makes it easier for them to explore new business opportunities outside their existing partner network and customer base.

The other highlights of the three regional events include a presentation of the Milestone Systems platform roadmap, cloud strategy, a new Technology Partner Program, a new driver framework, and the status on the company’s Accelerate Innovation program in Research & Development. External industry professionals included Futurist Brian Solis, who talked about Innovation in the era of Darwinism, entrepreneur Ola Ahlvarsson, who discussed exponential technologies and industry transformation entrepreneurship, and IHS Markit, elaborating on the development in the surveillance industry.

With the Milestone Systems community events in Nashville, Copenhagen and Bali, Milestone Systems celebrated its all-important foundation of the business model, namely the partner community. Partners were officially recognized with awards saluting top performances in sales, marketing, technology, collaboration and innovation for camera partners, solution partners, technology partners, distribution partners, channel partners and installations of 2018.

“Once again, the interest, engagement and commitment from our community of partners have been overwhelming. MIPS is no longer a Milestone Systems event; it is truly a partner event. It shows the strength and the opportunities that lie within our platform and within our community. I’m very excited to see where the future brings us and how we can create new innovations within video technology in new and even more responsible ways,” said Kenneth Hune Petersen, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Milestone Systems.


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