Home Camera Johnson Controls introduces next generation Tyco Illustra Pro Gen4 PTZ cameras
Johnson Controls introduces next generation Tyco Illustra Pro Gen4 PTZ cameras

Johnson Controls introduces next generation Tyco Illustra Pro Gen4 PTZ cameras


Johnson Controls, has today introduced its next generation of high performance Tyco Illustra Pro PTZ cameras, featuring AI enabled edge analytics which detects and classifies objects such as people, bicycles, buses, cars and motorbikes, and Intelligent Guard auto-tracking functionality based on face or people detection.

The four new Illustra Pro Gen4 series PTZs are true day/night cameras and provide hardware support for image stabilization that ensures excellent image quality even at maximum zoom.

The outdoor models have an IR distance of up to 200 metres, with the 2MP version offering up to 42x optical zoom and the 4K version providing up to 22x optical zoom. Both are equipped with Shake-Dry lens clearing and have a -50C to +60C operating range, to enable them to capture superb quality images in challenging weather conditions.

The 2MP and 4K indoor models offer up to 30x and 22x optical zoom respectively and have an integrated microphone to provide support for a soon to be introduced suite of Audio AI analytics. They are supplied with an integrated recess mounting, with the optional addition of a pendant cap to allow for an alternate installation configuration. They are also available with the choice of clear or smoked dome coverings.

Highly accurate PTZ functionality
The cameras come with direct drive motors which deliver a quiet, fast, smooth and accurate performance and together with ultra-low latency performance, provides security personnel with the ability to accurately track subjects in mission critical applications. The cameras utilize zoom-adjusted program technology to automatically control the pan and tilt speed in proportion to the amount of zoom used, delivering precise pan and tilt control. Using programmed pre-sets and tours, the cameras are able to move into position at up to 700° per second, delivering the camera to its required position in under half a second.

Smart Wide Dynamic Range
All four of the new PTZ cameras feature Smart Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology which greatly improves the quality of images captured in varying lighting environments. By continuously analysing the scene, Smart WDR, without operator intervention, automatically adjusts tone mapping intensity and optimises the quality of the captured images by enhancing darkened areas without oversaturating brighter areas.

Video Intelligence Analytics
As users of Illustra Pro Gen cameras have come to expect, the new cameras also feature a suite of analytics which include object detection, object abandoned/removed, crowd formation, dwell and perimeter protection. This allows users to set up real-time, user-customisable event alarms to enable them to respond quickly to any incidents and make best use of human resources.

Cyber Secure
The Illustra Pro Gen 4 series PTZ cameras offer end-to-end video encryption, which includes camera to VMS and SD card video encryption. Consultants, system designers and systems integrators can also be assured that the cameras have been designed and built in line with the rigorous standards of the Johnson Controls Cyber Solutions Product Security Program.

“These new cameras are an excellent example of how Johnson Controls is delivering on its promise to develop video surveillance solutions which capitalize on the latest advances in technology”, said Johnson Controls’ Sanjeev Singh, Senior Director, Product Management Security Products.

“We are confident that users will be impressed with how the new cameras, with AI enabled edge analytics onboard, will help them maintain a safe and secure environment for their colleagues, contractors and customers, as well as protect their assets and property.  As such, they present an excellent opportunity for system integrators to generate new business, whilst assisting their end-user clients to achieve maximum benefit from their video surveillance solutions”.

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