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Mountera mounting system granted patent protection

Mountera mounting system granted patent protection


Dallmeier today announced that it has been recently granted patent protection within Germany for its “Mountera” mounting system that brings down the cost of installation substantially.

Installers and end customers are familiar with one of the biggest problems associated with many camera systems: Every mounting situation – mast, ceiling, wall – needs its own installation solution, and it is often difficult to replace or combine different camera types. In most cases, the installation of every single camera also must be re-assessed and re-learned, the installation is unnecessarily time-consuming, and expensive. The “Mountera” mounting system solved this problem with intelligent solutions for specific situations. These enable uniform mounting of various camera and bracket types with standardised, intuitive handling steps and workflows.

Fun Factor and motivation enhanced by patented coupling mechanism
Consequently, all the Panomera S-Series and Panomera W-Series cameras and the PTZ  models manufactured by Dallmeier can be fitted easily by one person, the lifting load and the lifting time are reduced significantly, and the risk of the camera breaking free and falling after fitting is prevented entirely. Every aspect of the system has been thoughtfully designed to avoid unnecessary handling steps and minimise familiarisation requirements, as all parts are interchangeable. This is made possible by the patented coupling mechanism, called the “Quick-Lock-System” (patent no. 10 2019 122 373). Personnel who are tasked with installation can concentrate on what is most important – and motivation grows.

Just one Allen key size and “integrated installation protection”
With Mountera, the mounting steps and handling steps of all camera models and fastening options are standardised and intuitive. In addition, only one Allen key size is needed for fastening and attachment tasks. At the same time, the cabling is invisible and sabotage-proof, their IP66 classification assures protection from high pressure water jets and salt water.

Moreover, the system makes it possible to deploy cameras in rotation at different locations, in urban surveillance for example. Handling of the components at the installation site is another significant cost factor. With a special, one-off handle on the camera the system can be removed rapidly. However, a transportation protection made of foam remains permanently in place on the camera, providing protection as it is carried from one place to another and set down. The Mountera Box is also available as an option, enabling edge recording of the camera images.

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