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FlytBase launches affordable docking station for drones

FlytBase launches affordable docking station for drones


FlytBase announce the launch of IDIPLOYER MP2.1, an extremely lightweight, feature-packed, and affordable drone docking station that has been designed and built by idroneimages, based out of Reading, England, to enable fully autonomous drone operations.

Integrated with their proprietary contact-charging system and the powerful FlytNow Auto software, the IDIPLOYER MP2.1 is an obvious choice for drone service providers and businesses alike.

With their intensive and iterative efforts, the engineers at idroneimages provide groundbreaking features to the market, including:

  • Lightweight enclosure: Weighing just 23 kg (50 lbs), the IDIPLOYER MP2.1 offers increased portability, which eases shipping to anywhere across the world and supports easy installations, on building rooftops and vehicles.
  • Autonomous contact-based charging: From 15% to 100% battery charge within 50 minutes without employing complex robotics or battery cell modifications, thereby reducing mechanical complexity and increasing reliability.
  • Precision landing: Computer-vision-aided technology for automatic drone landings with 99.99% accuracy; includes additional rollers for robust performance.
  • Weatherproof design: Designed based on IP65 standards to withstand harsh environment; comes with thermostatic heating & Peltier cooling capabilities for extreme temperature control.
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