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Boon Edam upgrades BancoEstado access system

Boon Edam upgrades BancoEstado access system


Leading Chilean financial institution, BancoEstado with more than 400 branches and over 12 million customers across the country enhanced its security and identity verification by upgrading access system by deploying a comprehensive access control strategy at its main headquarters building in Santiago that included three of Boon Edam’s Speedlane Slide optical turnstiles to prevent tailgating by unauthorized pedestrians.

The turnstiles were integrated with a Kantech access control system to validate who is authorized to enter the secure area. In addition, a special MorphoWave Tower was installed in front of each turnstile to house the MorphoWave technology by IDEMIA (previously Safran), a state-of-the-art, touchless fingerprint identification technology. This technology assures the identity of the user matches credentials prior to entering through the turnstile.

“Besides the capability of integrating with our existing equipment, the reason for choosing Boon Edam solutions was based on the bank’s need to modernize its corporate image which included renewal and improvement of access points”, explained Álvaro Abarca, Project Coordinator at ACCEDER, the security integrator responsible for the project. According to Abarca, the aesthetic aspect was decisive when choosing the type of turnstile to be installed since they would be placed in one of the main entrances of the bank. “Undoubtedly, the quality and architecture of Boon Edam products made them ideal for BancoEstado”.

Abarca was also pleased to say the installation was performed seamlessly in a single weekend. At the end of the process, everyone could appreciate how the solution not only blended in with the beautiful architecture but provided the benefits of enhanced security and identity verification.

The Speedlane Slide is part of the Lifeline Series of optical turnstiles, which are unique in the market due to their intuitive and responsive light display system. The turnstile “sleeps” to save energy and awakens when a user approaches. A band of light defines the front of the cabinet and an arrow signal points to the lane that is ready for the user. Once the user is authorized, the barriers open, and as the user moves through the lane a trail of light leads the way.

The Lifeline Series is also distinctive for its sleek design that features curved tops, tapered cabinets and a minimal footprint, features that complement Class A interiors. Each turnstile is also made of premium materials like stainless steel and glass making them a durable and practical investment in physical security. Overall the turnstiles are ergonomic, functional and comfortable.

According to the representative of ACCEDER, the new, modern entrance system had a very positive impact on the bank’s security profile. In addition, the intuitive design and architectural specifications provided the best solution for BancoEstado.

“We completed the project seamlessly, and the turnstiles are already working. Undoubtedly, we recommend Boon Edam solutions because they are the best option to address high traffic issues, and they are top-rated in terms of quality and design”, concluded Abarca.


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