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Spire Solutions in strategic tie-up with Subex

Spire Solutions in strategic tie-up with Subex


Subex, a leading provider of digital trust, IoT and OT cybersecurity solutions, and Spire Solutions, Middle East & Africa’s leading VAD, have announced a strategic tie-up to address the steep rise in cyberattacks and associated cyber risks in the region.

Mohieddin Kharnoub, Chief Revenue Officer of Spire Solutions

This partnership will ensure that businesses are protected at critical infrastructure level security with the most comprehensive stack of Internet of Things, Operational Technology, and converged environment (IoT-OT and Information Tech) protection solutions.

Subex and Spire have also just been awarded a project by a major oil and gas entity in the Middle East to meet its cybersecurity, device discovery, and cyber risk assessment requirements. The said entity currently manages refinery, petrochemicals, and LNG import operations through one of the biggest petroleum complexes in the region.

As part of the project, Subex is deploying its IoT and OT security solution Subex Secure to detect, contain and address unauthorized intrusions and threats, improve cybersecurity posture, and ensure overall protection from malware and disruption caused by cyberattacks. The project will help the entity focus on its core business objectives while Subex and Spire ensure secure operations, assets, and infrastructure across locations and projects.

Subex currently runs the world’s biggest adaptive honeypot network spread across over 70 cities. This gives the company the width and depth in threat intelligence aggregation that helps in detecting the latest and the most sophisticated cyber threats.

“We are delighted by this win that has come in so early in our partnership with Spire. It is a validation of our joint mission to secure businesses in the region. I am confident that this partnership will enable businesses to benefit from the synergies brought about by the strengths of both organizations. With the rising number of cyberattacks and the consequent increase in cyber risks, businesses should now accord a higher degree of priority and attention to cybersecurity. We look forward to this strategic partnership evolving into a cornerstone for securing businesses and their operations,” said Vinod Kumar, CEO, Subex.

Mohieddin Kharnoub, Chief Revenue Officer of Spire, said “We are seeing a growing trend of OT, IoT and IIoT environments being targeted by cybercriminals. Securing these is not the same as securing the IT environment. We are glad to partner with Subex to bring a bespoke approach to our region and to further strengthen our efforts to secure IT, OT, and IoT environments. The project we recently got awarded is a testimony to the regional needs and our joint ability to fulfill it successfully.”

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