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AmiViz partners with Data Resolve for Middle East

AmiViz partners with Data Resolve for Middle East


AmiViz, the Middle East region’s first enterprise B2B marketplace today announced its partnership with Data Resolve, the leader in Data Leak Prevention, Insider Threat Management and Employee Monitoring platforms.

The AmiViz Virtual Customer Experience Centre is equipped to effectively address the challenge new normal and can remotely showcase Data Resolve’s technology working in a customer environment integrated with other products by simulating a unique customer-specific environment in the cloud, and then run a demonstration in this environment – all without having to meet physically.

Data Resolve’s cyber security platforms renowned for their cross-functionality and human-centric detection + response systems, provide machine-learning based UEBA and 360degree bird’s eye view into entire activities of the organisation; while strengthening their ability to detect and respond to all probable data security breaches and other malicious activities in real-time.

Providing the utmost granular levels of control and precision through their dynamically configurable web & content filtering, data discovery, secure email & printer gateways and employee productivity monitoring modules to enhance organisation’s ability to secure themselves from insider threats while maintaining best possible levels of business continuity, Data Resolve’s platforms provide an insightful dashboard of user and entity risk and compliance health-scores for senior management reviews.

Built on a hybrid architecture to optimise resource footprint, compatibility, agility and scalability; Data Resolve platforms can fit into any infrastructure, and their integrations with many of the commonly used Data Classification and SIEM platforms enable organisations to create a robust and integrated cyber security strategy, for tackling various insider threats.

Lakshan Dias, Executive Director of EMEA Region at Data Resolve said, “AmiViz is the first enterprise B2B marketplace in the Middle East commanding one of the biggest networks of channel partners in the region. We believe AmiViz would play a strategically pivotal role in Data Resolve’s ongoing global expansion efforts and with a massive footprint in the region spanning over 20 countries, AmiViz would add tremendous value to our organisation and all its’ stakeholders globally”

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