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Altronix Trove now integrates with Swiftlane DCU 5 Door Controllers

Altronix Trove now integrates with Swiftlane DCU 5 Door Controllers


Altronix, the provider of power and data transmission products for professional security applications, expanded its line of Trove Access and Power Integration Solutions. Altronix Trove now seamlessly integrates with Swiftlane DCU 5 Door Controllers, simplifying board layout and wire management.

Systems integrators can now easily configure and deploy Swiftlane access control for up to 12 door systems. Companies are rapidly moving to cloud-based access control solutions in the remote first post COVID world. The Swiftlane and Altronix partnership now enables rapid deployment of contactless entry to offices through face recognition and mobile credentials.

By using a combination of remote access grants for face recognition, mobile and PINs, and a cloud-based access control and wireless video intercom solution, companies can now manage primary and satellite offices remotely. Regarding multifamily buildings, package theft has become a major problem. Food deliveries are at an all-time high, increasing burden for property access.

Technology like video-based wireless intercoms and remote unlock can now be deployed seamlessly using the Altronix-Swiftlane solution, creating user experiences that residents desire. “Our collaboration with Swiftlane streamlines the design and installation process, saving time and labour which ultimately makes projects more profitable,” said Alan Forman, President, Altronix Corporation. “In addition to the convenience and cost-efficiency these preconfigured Trove kits deliver, they can be further customised with a number of options including advanced network communications.”

Altronix and Swiftlane pre-configured Trove kits support four and twelve door systems. Trove1 and Trove2 solutions provide scalable flexibility for custom applications, where specific power requirements are needed.

“Our partnership with Altronix provides high degrees of efficiency and convenience to systems integrators and end users by expediting system deployment with assuring quality and performance.” said Saurabh Bajaj, CEO and Founder, Swiftlane.

“Altronix has a long history of delivering reliable, efficient and versatile power solutions. By combining Swiftlane’s face recognition and mobile access control solutions with Altronix’s Trove solutions, we are able to deliver rapid deployment of touchless access control technology,” said Bajaj. “We look forward to further enhancing this combined offering as new products and solutions become available from our respective companies.”

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