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Significant rise in the demand for touchless biometric solutions

Significant rise in the demand for touchless biometric solutions


Invixium, the biometric solutions provider noted a significant rise in the demand for touchless biometric solutions even before the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe. In addition to their unparalleled authentication accuracy, the touchless operation of Invixium’s multimodal, multifactor biometric solutions makes them even more relevant today.

“The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic will forever change the landscape of the biometric industry moving forward,” said Shiraz Kapadia, CEO & President of Invixium. “Mandates have been issued by governments, enterprises, business owners to cease the use of fingerprint, palm print and hand-key readers, as well as any access control readers or workforce management devices due to amplified concerns related to physical contact with these types of devices. Invixium is ready and well equipped to provide consulting to security architects and project administrators on the adoption or migration to touchless biometrics via our TITAN offering.”

The need for touchless access control and workforce management biometric solutions is the new reality, which builds a new business case for the deployment of face recognition technology. The substantiation for this conclusion also includes ease-of-use, all-round performance and suitability for different environments. Touchless fingerprint, palm print, and vascular recognition are generally not suitable for outdoor environments, let alone rugged environments such as construction sites or oil and gas refineries. Iris recognition tends to be difficult to use, and iris scanning is invasive. Access control and workforce management devices employing face recognition overcome all of these obstacles.

Invixium’s IXM TITAN employs powerful face recognition processing technology ensuring superior connectivity, graphics, usability, reliability and battery efficiency. In fact, TITAN allows up to four factors of authentication but for true ‘touchless’ operation, utilize its powerful one-to-many matching capabilities using just face recognition or scale up with dual factor ‘touchless’ authentication employing card and face recognition as credentials.

TITAN’s impressive suite of features also includes a 21MP camera for face recognition and video intercom; on-board storage of users and transactions; incredibly fast face and touchless finger authentication; up to 18 face recognition authentications per minute; and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, and integrated 3G/LTE cellular connectivity.

“Invixium will continue to pioneer new and innovative forms of touchless biometrics for myriad security and workforce management applications, and we will be releasing new solutions in coming weeks to further help ease concerns related to this pandemic and future threats,” added Kapadia.

For more information please visit: www.invixium.com/products/titan/

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