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Invixium develops new benchmarks for its two new touchless biometric solutions

Invixium develops new benchmarks for its two new touchless biometric solutions


Invixium, a leading global provider of modern biometric solutions, has accelerated the development and availability of two new touchless biometric solutions in response to the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

First is the enhancement of the company’s leading TITAN touchless biometrics device with a turnkey fever detection solution that notifies administrators when an individual seeking access to a facility or worksite has a high temperature. The second is the migration of Invixium’s TOUCH 2 biometric device to full touchless operation via a field upgradeable, affordable software upgrade.

“The world and life as we know it has changed dramatically, further driving the migration of biometric access control and workforce management technology to touchless solutions that can help preserve the health and integrity of the global workforce,” said Shiraz Kapadia, CEO & President of Invixium. “Biometrics is the DNA of Invixium and we are proud to drive this next generation of touchless biometric solutions that respond to the real-world needs of the market.”

IXM TITAN, the company’s flagship biometric device, is now available with a new Enhancement Kit that seamlessly equips the solution with a Thermal Infrared (TIR) camera for fever detection with up to +/- 0.5°C accuracy, enabling simultaneous face recognition and temperature measurement. Expected applications for the TITAN with Enhancement Kit include pre-screening for employees and visitors for the purposes of fever based access control or workforce management.

The new Enhancement Kit is field upgradeable, preserving existing investments in TITAN, and is available in black and copper or silver, as well as two different configurations for in-wall or on-wall mounting. In addition, IXM WEB software will be enhanced to allow enterprises to design custom workflows in the event of a fever detection such as, prevent access and email notifications to HR, administrators, or supervisors. The TITAN Enhancement Kit is available for pre-order now, shipping mid-June.

Additionally, Invixium will be offering a face recognition algorithm upgrade for TITAN enabling accurate identification of individuals wearing masks and veils. For availability of this field upgradeable solution, contact Invixium.

IXM TOUCH 2, Invixium’s multi-purpose biometric device, can now be field upgraded with face recognition transforming it into a completely touchless device. Features include up to 5000 1: N user capacity with face recognition of up to 5000 faces in less than 1 second. The face recognition upgrade for TOUCH 2 devices is available for pre-order now, shipping mid-June.

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