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Invixium successfully deploys its solutions at UAE’s Fine Hygienic Holding

Invixium successfully deploys its solutions at UAE’s Fine Hygienic Holding


Invixium announced recently that it has successfully deployed its IXM TITAN devices and integrated Invixium’s workforce management solution with FHH’s Oracle HR cloud at UAE based Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH).

Businesses like FHH that have many operating locations require a workforce management solution where data from all facilities is readily available. Invixium’s IXM WEB is a web-based, cloud-ready biometric access control and workforce management software that the TITAN devices installed at FHH’s sites in Jordan, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt constantly share data with. This data, including time tracking, is visualized in IXM WEB’s playful interface through interactive dashboards and intuitive reports showing employee data and the overall health of the biometric system.

FHH’s existing ORACLE Fusion time management system created a unique challenge for all stakeholders including Invixium and their partner ElectroSec from an implementation and support perspective to cover all FHH’s operations across the MENA region. For the TITAN installation to be effective, employee clock-ins (i.e. punches) needed to be immediately exported to ORACLE Fusion, where FHH’s Human Resources could manage payroll and employee time. Invixium’s team of experts worked with FHH and ORACLE to bridge IXM WEB with Fusion, allowing TITAN to seamlessly share data with FHH’s existing human capital cloud.

After three consecutive pay periods with 100% time accuracy, Invixium and FHH are proud to share that this custom digital transformation implementation was a complete success.

“We had very tight timelines in 2019 to ensure we go live in 2020 for all our Phase 1 Cloud transformation programmes, where the core focus was on Human Resource processes, technology and improvements. Working with Invixium, Oracle, FHH’s technical team, supported by the HR team, we were able to implement a system that is 100% accurate on employee records for Time and Attendance and then integrated it into the Oracle platform. This leaves very little room for fraud and zero human intervention and provides FHH with a foundation for the future for all HR related systems and processes,“ said FHH’s CIO Yahyah Pandor.

“Invixium is very proud of what we accomplished with Fine Hygienic Holding,” said Shiraz Kapadia, President & CEO of Invixium. “Our products are made to be highly customizable, so we accepted this challenge knowing that TITAN and IXM WEB were the right fit for FHH’s unique needs. IXM WEB especially is designed with the end-user in mind; we want our customers to have the freedom to build their system around their business needs. Our engineers worked tirelessly with FHH and ORACLE to make this digital transformation happen, and the results have been incredibly positive.”

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