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Rasilient joins Milestone System Building Program

Rasilient joins Milestone System Building Program


Rasilient Systems has been approved by Milestone Systems to join the System Builder Program. The partnership provides Rasilient with the option to deliver its purpose-built video surveillance system hardware pre-installed with XProtect video management software (VMS) for installations with 100 or more cameras.

The program enables hardware manufacturers like Rasilient to ship their server and storage solutions preloaded with the XProtect Essential+ VMS. This enables easy deployment of the Milestone’s award-winning VMS with just a few clicks or rapid upgrade to one of the more advanced editions through a Milestone channel partner.

Forensic-Grade IP Video Surveillance

“We’re excited to join Milestone’s System Builder Program as we know it will greatly benefit our customers seeking a comprehensive video surveillance solution,” said Sean Chang, CEO of Rasilient Systems. “Rasilient and Milestone are trusted leaders in video surveillance and this method of delivering both hardware and software at one time provides our customers with a powerful product with convenience.”

Rasilient develops and manufactures storage and server products that are architected specifically for video surveillance. Rasilient’s award-winning VMS agnostic technologies allow users to achieve forensic-grade IP video surveillance for various applications without any recording gaps. A longtime Milestone Systems partner, Rasilient currently has two products that can pre-ship with the Milestone VMS: the ApplianceStor AS85R and the PixelStor 5000 series.

Support For 150 Cameras

Rasilient’s ApplianceStor AS85R is a modular server system which packs four high-performance server modules in a single 2U rack mount platform, providing unmatched performance and density. Each module can be used to integrate VMS, failover, archive, administration, and supports up to 150 cameras operating at 4 Mbps. The AS85R significantly saves cost over a separate VMS server, reduces cabling, and eliminates the ordeal of integrating VMS, OS, commodity server, and storage.

The PS5000 series provides unified storage for forensic-grade video recording and AI analytics metadata. It’s the first storage system to provide uninterrupted video surveillance recording while simultaneously providing metadata to analytics servers and can store over 1000 TB.

The PS5000 series is known for its patented surveillance-optimized cache technology that can scale the video recording to thousands of HD cameras without dropping a single frame of video. Applications include high-performance megapixel cameras, large video surveillance installations, and analytics metadata storage.


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