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Pivot3 launches Pivot3 Surveillance Series Edge

Pivot3 launches Pivot3 Surveillance Series Edge


Pivot3 recently announced the launch of Pivot3 Surveillance Series Edge, an optimized product offering for edge and distributed physical security environments. Surveillance Series Edge incorporates the same Acuity software-based intelligence and automation used by all Pivot3 Surveillance Series solutions to deliver higher levels of resilience, management simplicity and efficiencies than infrastructure based on basic video recording servers or separate servers and storage systems.

Video surveillance, video analytics and other security applications are being deployed at remote, distributed edge sites at an increasing rate to protect people and critical assets at those locations, and to derive more real-time insights from video and other data. Having these applications deployed at remote sites overcomes the latency and bandwidth issues associated with moving that data back to a central location for processing. This necessitates the need for infrastructure at the edge that will provide flawless capture of video without dropped or degraded frames, ensure applications never go down and be simple to manage locally or remotely.

Ideal for remote, distributed environments in the transportation, critical infrastructure, energy/utilities, and retail markets, Surveillance Series Edge provides simple, efficient, and highly available storage and servers in the form of hyperconverged infrastructure that scales from supporting 60 to over 400 video surveillance cameras1 at the edge. Due to integrated virtualization technologies, other applications at the edge sites such as access control, visitor management or intrusion detection can be consolidated on Surveillance Series Edge to further reduce costs and realize the benefits of shared resources and advanced resilience.

Surveillance Series Edge is based on Pivot3’s Acuity software platform with its Intelligence Engine that automates numerous tasks including performance optimization, data protection, application failover, predictive monitoring and analytics, and orchestrated system updates and upgrades. Surveillance Series Edge systems can be managed locally or remotely using the intuitive Pivot3 Management Application without requiring specialized IT skills. This same management console can also simultaneously be used to centrally manage and monitor multiple Essentials by Pivot3 video recording servers as well as non-Pivot3 security servers using the recently introduced Pivot3 Surety software.

“With the requirements at remote, distributed sites becoming more demanding, Surveillance Series Edge is the right solution at the right time,” said Ben Bolles, vice president of products, Pivot3. “This solution right-sizes our enterprise-class Surveillance Series for edge deployments with the same software-based intelligence and management, so our customers do not have to compromise on capabilities.”

Surveillance Series Edge is the latest addition to Pivot3’s comprehensive portfolio of infrastructure solutions purpose built for physical security environments of any size or complexity, with software-based intelligence that lowers risk and overall TCO. Surveillance Series Edge is available to order now.

For more information on Surveillance Series Edge or any of Pivot3’s intelligent infrastructure solutions, visit pivot.com/products.

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