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MOBOTIX launches first cactus patch

MOBOTIX launches first cactus patch


MOBOTIX sets industry-leading cyber security standards. To keep it that way, our cyber specialists constantly analyze the latest technological developments. Should these have an impact on the cyber security of our products and solutions, we keep our customers’ systems up to date with a free security update of the camera firmware, the Cactus Patch.

With a current Cactus Patch, we offer all users of MOBOTIX cameras outstanding protection against even the most complex and modern cyber attacks. And even for the cameras of the M10 series that are up to 15 years old!

Free Cactus Patch Software Download

MX-V2.2.3.24-r1 for models M10 / D10 / V10 

MX-V3.5.2.23-r4 for all x12 / x22 models 

MX-V3.5.5.12 especially for M12 ❯

MX-V4.7.2.21 for all x14 / x24 & x15 / 25 models ❯

MX-V5.2.3.30 for all x16 / x26 models ❯


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