Home News Dallmeier integrates Panomera systems with Genetec Security Center
Dallmeier integrates Panomera systems with Genetec Security Center

Dallmeier integrates Panomera systems with Genetec Security Center


Dallmeier announced the integration of the Dallmeier Panomera systems in Genetec Security Center, the proven Panomera functionality is now available to the users of one of the most widely used unified security platform for the first time. This gives users completely new possibilities for observing and monitoring expansive areas and large spatial contexts.

The Panomera multifocal sensor systems from Dallmeier have allowed customers all-encompassing monitoring of expansive areas since 2011. With the integration of the Panomera systems into the Genetec Security Center platform of version 5.7 SR4 or higher, Genetec customers can now benefit from all advantages of the Panomera solutions. The integration requires a regular Genetec camera license.

Panomera intelligently stitches the images of up to seven detail sensors and one overview sensor into an overall picture in a single camera system. In contrast to traditional solutions such as combining megapixel and PTZ cameras or multi-sensor systems, all areas of the entire scene are comprehensively monitored in high resolution. Operators are able to zoom into multiple areas at the same time while the high-resolution display of the overall action continues to be maintained.

This eliminates switching between camera perspectives, which is often complicated and cumbersome, and also eliminates unnecessary searches on building and area maps while significantly reducing the number of cameras and screens to be monitored. This makes the camera operators’ work much easier. In addition, all views are recorded in high definition, which allows operators to perform any number of zooms at an extremely high resolution – in all detail areas of the overall action – at a later time in the backup. This is a very important functionality, for example, for complex situations or for a successful forensic evaluation not possible with PTZ and single sensor solutions.

“We are very happy about the cooperation between Dallmeier and Genetec. It offers customers an ideal combination of a convenient management platform and resource-saving, high-performance video security systems. The ability to precisely define the resolution density across the entire scene already takes place during the planning stage and ensures precise adherence to the previously defined security objectives,” said Thomas Dallmeier, Member of the Board at Dallmeier. “The high operation efficiency and significantly lower number of cameras required by the Panomera solution compared to traditional approaches significantly reduces the total cost of ownership and costs for the deployment of the system.”

More information on the advantages of the Panomera technology can be found at www.panomera.com


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