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Hikvision released new Thermal Bi-spectrum bullet camera

Hikvision released new Thermal Bi-spectrum bullet camera


Hikvision released a new Thermal Bi-spectrum bullet camera, which will bring enhanced capabilities to perimeter security, including advanced fire detection technology. The new camera (DS-2TD2615-7/10) is very cost-effective and will prove useful on a ‘short distance’ perimeter in the fight against damage and property loss.

The camera uses deep learning algorithms in its powerful behaviour analysis, delivering smart alarms, like line crossing, region entrance/exit and intrusion, among others.

The camera’s image processing technology combines several image processing and improving technologies to create the best thermal outcome. It also uses NETD (Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference) less than 50mK (millikelvin), a measurement of how well a thermal imaging detector can distinguish between small differences. This means the lower the temperature difference sensed by the camera, the smaller the value and thus the better the image.

This camera also boasts a reliable temperature exception alarm function that has the temperature pre-set function and it will trigger an alarm once the temperature goes higher than the pre-set limit.

Bi-spectrum image fusion gives the users a picture-in-picture preview. Clearer image details with optical details overlaid onto thermal images come in handy for capturing proof when necessary. The preview will also reduce bandwidth, and there’s no need to switch from thermal to optical or vice versa.

Other features include:

  • High sensitivity, 160 × 120 resolution sensor (output resolution 320 × 240), supports contrast adjustment
  • Mirror image, digital zoom ×2, ×4, ×8, and local output
  • Strong environmental adaptability, so the camera can detect bad weather or more extreme environments and auto-calibrate to compensate.

This camera is targeted at airports, railways, prisons and power stations Its small size and neat, stable design makes it convenient to install, either by wall, ceiling or stand mounting.

“Our Thermal Bi-spectral Bullet camera is not only about seeing what’s happening on a perimeter, for example. It’s also about giving pre-alarms even before a fire starts, protecting property, and even – essentially – keeping people from harm”, says Franck Carette, Thermal Product Manager Europe.


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