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Genetec to showcase latest solutions at ISC West 2020

Genetec to showcase latest solutions at ISC West 2020


At this year’s ISC West, Genetec will showcase the latest version of Security Center, Genetec ClearID and Genetec Sipelia. The Security Center is the company’s open-architecture platform that unifies video surveillance, access control, automatic license plate recognition (ALPR), communications, and analytics. While, Genetec ClearID, is a physical identity and access management (PIAM) system, and Genetec Sipelia, is a unified communications module.

Available immediately, Security Center 5.9 offers stronger protection against video tampering and unauthorized export. It also helps administrators maintain their system more efficiently and reinforces the unification of communications with security systems.

Video recorded in or exported from Security Center Omnicast, the video surveillance system in Security Center, can now be signed using the EdDSA digital signature scheme. This provides stronger protection against tampering and fraud. Video watermarking can also be enforced on all live feeds and footage exported from Security Center. With the username, hostname, and camera name overlaid, all footage can be traced back to its origin to create a strong deterrent against unauthorized external video sharing.

Also available with Security Center 5.9 is the latest version of the Sipelia unified communications management module which introduces the ability to broadcast audio  messages to groups of SIP devices directly from the security monitoring interface. With Sipelia version 2.9, operators can send pre-recorded or live audio messages to all devices in pre-defined paging group, speeding up response and coordination. And since Sipelia works with integrated intercom systems and SIP devices, users can broadcast messages to a wide range of devices, including intercoms, door stations, and VOIP phones.

Because keeping track of new firmware for edge devices is time-consuming, system reports in version 5.9 can now tell users if they are using the latest firmware available for their access control interfaces and controllers.

Genetec, will also showcase Genetec ClearID, a self-service physical identity and access management (PIAM) system that manages access rights and enforces security policies to help make organizations more efficient, compliant and secure. From corporate offices to highly-regulated multinationals in the oil, gas, mining, and petrochemical industries, ClearID removes the day-to-day complexities of managing individual cardholders, access rights, and visitors.

Guided by an organization’s existing policies, ClearID automates workflows and self-service capabilities to enable a more fluid, efficient working environment for everyone – without compromising security. By automating access rights management, ClearID reduces bottlenecks related to managing employee and visitor access requests. Cumbersome and time-consuming paperwork related to granting people access to facilities or specific work areas can be streamlined with automated workflows allowing employees to make on-demand requests in the online portal. This means that managing day-to-day access needs, meeting compliance conditions, and ensuring policy updates become a more automated process.

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