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Committed to customer experience


Jeff Burgess, the Chief Executive Officer for BCD INC, talks to Anita Joseph about the company’s growth, the Middle East video technology market and the need to innovate constantly, to stay ahead of the game.

Jeff Burgess, Chief executive Officer at BCD INC

It is no longer enough to place your trust in an off-the-shelf video surveillance solution. Today’s new technologies demand higher throughputs and scalability. Ever-changing corporate and government retention standards add additional scrutinization to the stability of the device. Today’s video recording device does far more than just record. It manages the project environment and system uptime is more critical than ever before.

What I take most pride in, is the pride that our team members have in what we provide to the security industry, the incredible locations we help protect, and the significance of making all of that possible. We began 20 years ago as BCD INC, and since then there has been no looking back.

So what makes us unique? We are committed to the customer, always striving to improve their experience. We never rest on our laurels. Instead, we always question ourselves, brainstorm, innovate and think of embracing greater challenges. We reinvent, expand and experiment, and that makes us stay ahead of the market.

Our Video Storage Solutions business model consists of distribution only, which enables us to work with top companies and focus our energies on the market potential. The Middle East video technology market is very dynamic, full of possibilities, and yes, the META market is one of the largest growth markets for us. We are very excited to be here, and yes, there are challenges, but nothing that can’t be overcome with proven systems and even a more proven customer experience.”


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