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Automatic Systems launches Temperature Monitoring integrated turnstiles

Automatic Systems launches Temperature Monitoring integrated turnstiles


Automatic Systems launches a new temperature and mask wear monitoring solution integrated into its access control equipment. The solution further allows to manage the maximum people are allowed into a site by counting and dynamically display to users the number of authorized visitors.

Automatic Systems provides new functionalities by a unique optimized software operating each of its pedestrian products and options, resulting in an as unique as efficient solution to enforce compliance to new health and distancing rules. This, aimed at all public and private organisations concerned about protecting their visitors and employees.

Automatic Systems’ superior capabilities of limiting access to authorised individuals and detecting passage frauds, and IP Connectivity solutions, are further enhanced to allow an User Friendly access control without authentication by measuring body temperatures and confirmation of use of protective masks. The counting of authorized users at the same time, the management of presence of people into an environment and to display the count-down presence allowance status to users on screens remotely or at entrances, reinforces to respect health measures against Covid-19.

This new pre-integrated solution is quick to implement and recommended for a range of applications, including government buildings, public offices, retail spaces, factories, shops, supermarkets, health centres, leisure centres, hospitals, toilets, museums, stadiums, swimming pools, conference venues, schools and universities etc., and any application where is necessary to not exceed the maximum people presence in an area in general.

These monitoring solutions are compatible with most of Automatic Systems’ gates, and preferred solutions are for our speed gate offer like the SlimLane and SmartLane, and compact tripod turnstile like the TriLane TL1 where space is an issue.

It is also possible to retrofit the solution in existing equipment via a standalone pedestal. The speed gates are possibly equipped with optional EN13637 certified emergency exits, as well as wide lane for disable accessibility.

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