Home News SterixGate, the disinfecting gate developed in UAE bags IP certification
SterixGate, the disinfecting gate developed in UAE bags IP certification

SterixGate, the disinfecting gate developed in UAE bags IP certification


Abu Dhabi, based R Med Medical Supplies, announced that it has recently registered its disinfecting gate, the SterixGate for the intellectual property (IP) certificate No. EC-1-002799 issued by European registrar INTEROCO copyright office on May 19, 2020.

The SterixGate is a unique disinfecting gate to cope with the accelerating COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, and stop the spread of the virus in public areas and high footfall destinations. The Managing Director for the company, Waleed Al Aryan said “We are pleased to obtain an international IP-certificate for the SterixGate device through which we aim to prevent and control the spread of COVID-19 epidemic in the UAE without any negative effects or harm to users.”

He said, “In fact, R Med Medical Supplies scientists, in collaboration with sterilization and technical engineering specialists from all around the world, have created a unique, innovative and highly effective technical solution to this problem – a disinfecting tunnel with a spray/mist/fog system, that uses a special sanitizing liquid, and has no negative effects on humans.”

Al Aryan further explained that SterixGate is a “one stop shop” disinfecting gate. It is different from all other disinfecting gates that simply disperse a disinfectant on people, without insuring a proper end result for the individual who is being disinfected and the entity that is using said gate.

SterixGate relies on an Android based tablet, equipped with a thermometer camera, that takes readings of every single individual who passes through the gate, and makes sure to alert the authorities in case it detects a person with an abnormally high fever level. An automated hand sanitizing dispenser is placed at the entry point to ensure that whoever goes through the gate has clean hands. Once these two steps are complete, and individual proceeds further through the silicon curtain, right into the fogging zone, where they are being disinfected, and are gotten rid of 99.9% of known bacteria and viruses.

The SterixGate uses a in-house developed reconstructed liquid, that does not impact the skin or respiratory system. According to the company, the product is 99% water and does not contain any alcohol, methanol or other products of similar nature. The fog does not impact food and children in any harmful way, and is completely safe for most of the adults – except those with extremely rare allergic conditions, who might get a mild irritation.

The company is looking to work with various partners all over the world and is keen to cooperate with all potential partners, who are interested to manufacture and supply disinfecting gates.

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