Home News VIVOTEK explains how their AI surveillance solutions help to safeguard students and staff
VIVOTEK explains how their AI surveillance solutions help to safeguard students and staff

VIVOTEK explains how their AI surveillance solutions help to safeguard students and staff


Video surveillance has become an increasingly popular option for schools in recent years. While it is not a substitute for traditional security measures, it can be a valuable tool in helping to keep students, staff, and visitors safe. It provides an extra layer of security by allowing staff to monitor activity in and around school grounds.

VIVOTEK surveillance solutions can help to provide evidence to police and school administrators in the event of an incident. In the event of a crime, video footage can be used to identify suspects and provide valuable evidence for investigations. In other cases, such as bullying or harassment, video footage can provide valuable evidence to help administrators address the situation.

VIVOTEK video surveillance solution is designed to be intuitive and user friendly, allowing system integrator to quickly set up and manage the whole system with minimal effort. It’s also designed to be low maintenance, requiring minimal service and maintenance to keep system running up to date.

In addition, their next-generation video analytics on cameras is a deep learning AI engine offering advanced accuracy in people detection compared with traditional rule-based designs.

Only human activities will serve as event triggers, while swaying vegetation, vehicles passing by, or animal activities in the scene will be ignored. This helps reduce both false alarms as well as the time and effort taken for camera configuration.

VIVOTEK Solution offers:

  • High-resolution, high-quality video cameras to capture images of the entire school premises
  • Robust AI deep learning analytics help reduce false alarms, as well as searching incident events in just few seconds
  • Automated alerts to notify the school authorities of any suspicious activity or security breaches
  • Encrypted video footage provides an extra layer of security and prevents unauthorised access to the footage
  • Tracking student attendance and for monitoring their whereabouts during school hours.
  • Easy deployment, user friendly operation and low maintenance for managing entire school at ease
  • NDAA compliance & Cybersecurity

Smart IR technology

  • Smart IR – VIVOTEK Smart IR technology automatically adjusts IR lighting intensity and ensures that the camera captures usable video in dark conditions, even when the object of interest is located close to the IR LEDs.
  • Smart Stream III – Better Video Quality with Lower Bandwidth
  • Deep Search by People Attributes
  • Deep Search by Vehicle Type
  • Deep Search by Scene (Intrusion, Line Crossing, Loitering)
  • Centralised Management System – Provides a central point of control for all the cameras whether it’s one large single site or multiple sites across campus, allowing system admin to view and control them from a centralised location to ensure the security and safety of their premises.
  • NDAA & Cybersecurity – As a supplier of surveillance cameras, VIVOTEK provides product lines with strengthened security settings to ensure customers safeguard their own security. VIVOTEK customers can breathe easier knowing that their products have undergone rigorous cybersecurity efforts for their protection.
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