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VIVOTEK introduces a brand new license plate recognition camera

VIVOTEK introduces a brand new license plate recognition camera


Taking video analytics to the next level, VIVOTEK, has introduced a brand new license plate recognition camera, the IB9387-LPR. Featuring built-in license plate recognition software and edge-computing capability without additional server, the IB9387-LPR can identify license plates from over 70 countries around the world, making it a powerful LPR system and a cost-effective all-in-one device applied for condominiums, parking access control and Stop & Go toll systems.

VIVOTEK’s IB9387-LPR also offers efficient access control management through black & white lists and multi-site camera centralized maintenance. With a black & white list embedded inside the IB9387-LPR, the control barrier will open the gate when a white list vehicle is detected. On the other hand, a black list vehicle will trigger an alarm and a notification will be sent to security staff. With VIVOTEK’s IB9387-LPR, security staffs of parking lots with multiple entry points no longer need to upgrade system one after another. They can simply upload these lists to a single centralized LPR camera and all the other LPR cameras will download the master list, thus significantly reducing both installation time and maintenance efforts.

Thanks to its various Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), third-party systems such as parking management, toll collection, and weighbridge systems are able to receive live LPR images with specific country, state, date, time, and confidence level from IB9387-LPR. Finally, the sophisticated camera is safeguarded by Trend Micro IoT Security, providing proactive protection in cybersecurity. Combining recognition and management technology, VIVOTEK’s IB9387-LPR offers an intelligent, scalable and highly secure standalone LPR system.

For more information about VIVOTEK’s License Plate Recognition Solutions, please visit https://www.vivotek.com/solutions/lpr.


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