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VIVOTEK launches 3 new panoramic and multi-sensor cameras

VIVOTEK launches 3 new panoramic and multi-sensor cameras


VIVOTEK announced the launch of 3 new panoramic and multi-sensor cameras, the CC9381-HVMS9321-EHV, and MA9322-EHTV. These three cameras feature H.265 plus VIVOTEK’s Smart Stream III video compression technology, WDR Pro, outdoor-certificated housing, and they are all safeguarded by Trend Micro IoT Security.

Each is specially designed for versatile applications with different numbers of sensors, vertical fields of view (FOV), and IR distances, allowing users to increase their operational efficiency through a single camera.

“To meet ever-changing user demands, we always think about how to make our products better with new feature upgrades or new designs.” said Shengfu Cheng, Director of Product Development Division, VIVOTEK Inc. “Our new panoramic cameras fit into any type of scenario and they are also unique with a different size and shape. In addition, they provide benefits beyond the basics, including the reduction of network cables, camera licenses, and maintenance costs.”

Of the 180-degree panoramic network cameras, VIVOTEK’s CC9381-HV features a compact design that nonetheless provides 5-megapixel resolution and offers a 120-degree vertical field of view. 15-meter IR illuminators further enhance the camera and make it suitable for a wide array of both indoor and outdoor environments, such as boutiques, convenience stores, banks, schools and homes.

The MS9321-EHV applies the brand-new Robocop design with a built-in sunshield that sleekly covers four 5-megapixel sensors in 65-degree vertical field of view. It also supports IR illuminators effective up to 30 meters. Moreover, it is equipped with the Video Alignment feature, enabling users to experience a seamlessly stitched 180-degree horizontal view with superior details.

Last but not the least, VIVOTEK launches its new generation multi-adjustable sensor dome camera, the MA9322-EHTV. Featuring four independent 5-megapixel CMOS sensors with 3.7 to 7.7 mm motorized-focus lenses and 30-meter IR illuminators, the MA9322-EHTV allows users to simultaneously view four different areas while occupying only a single IP address. Taken in total, the above features advance these new cameras beyond the current field of surveillance cameras to continue VIVOTEK’s campaign of “See More in Smarter Ways.”


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