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SALTO Systems join forces with KeezApp

SALTO Systems join forces with KeezApp


SALTO Systems has joined forces with the KeezApp technology platform to offer hotels an unrivalled guest experience. The KeezApp platform provides a range of solutions for any property that hosts guests and is able to integrate with most PMS (Property Management Systems) on the market. Guests can check in from anywhere, receiving a virtual key straight to their smart phone and getting an alert when their room is ready for occupation.

The front desk is then alerted when the guest has used the mobile key to enter their room even for doors equipped with offline electronic locks. The virtual app provides for access to all permitted areas of the hotel during their stay and when the time comes to check out, guests can again use KeezApp removing the need to queue at reception.

Additional tools include live chat with the front desk. This provides a better, more efficient way for guests to talk and interact with the front desk whether they are in the hotel or out and about. Guests can also choose different departments to contact such as reception, concierge, housekeeping or room service depending on their needs.

KeezApp has implemented JustIN Mobile key access technology and interfaced it with SALTO front desk management software ProAccess SPACE. SALTO Hospitality add-ons include functionalities such as mobile keys (BLE), group check-in; real-time re-rooming and real-time extended stay. These plus other key hotel features make it easy to control all the offline and online rooms and back-of-house doors from different front desk guest workstations.

Both companies are driven by the opportunity for hotels to provide a superior guest experience to their clients, whether by offering mobile functionalities or superior management standards like quick check-in and check-out, online billing, live chat with reception, housekeeping and concierge or auto Wi-Fi connection for guests.


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