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Panasonic launches AI-enabled i-PRO S-Series cameras in the region

Panasonic launches AI-enabled i-PRO S-Series cameras in the region


Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa FZE (PMMAF) is meeting the increasing surveillance demands from the regional government and private organisations with the release of a new range of AI-enabled i-PRO S-Series indoor and outdoor security cameras.

i-PRO S-Series is specifically designed to support safe cities initiatives, allowing for monitoring fast-changing environments from shopping malls, parks and museums to airports and railway stations.

The versatile Full HD and HD security cameras with up to 40x zoom are the latest offerings in Panasonic’s next-generation i-PRO Extreme surveillance technology platform. This native end-to-end H.265 system is designed to maximise the performance and cost-effectiveness of video surveillance systems whilst protecting against cybersecurity threats.

“Artificial Intelligence empowered devices are being sought after, especially within the physical security industry in the region. At Panasonic, we understand the demands of the region and these new security cameras will not only help provide robust security solutions but offer deeper data analytics as well, so that decision and preventive measures can be more effectively implemented,” commented Hidetoshi Kaneko – Director, System Solutions & Communications Division, PMMAF.

The cameras use H.265 compression technology coupled with Panasonic’s Smart Coding technology to deliver the highest quality images at the lowest bitrates – reducing streaming and storage by approximately 75 per cent over the H.264 industry standard. This allows companies to store significantly more data at a lower cost and reduce bandwidth requirements. i-PRO Extreme cameras also provide a highly secure protection layer and robust authentication to guard against hacking attacks.

Moreover, the cameras come pre-bundled with the i-PRO in-house apps AI Video Motion Detection (AI-VMD) and AI Privacy Guard. They provide instant access to intelligent security functions such as an intruder or loitering detection whilst making sure to protect the privacy rights of individuals by pixelating their figures or faces, which is vital for businesses operating in geographies where strict privacy laws are in force.

Another addition to this new line is sound classification, which allows you to set alarms for targeted sounds, such as gunshots, yelling, vehicle horns and glass breaking, using an external mic. Plus, the new i-PRO S-series is compatible with i-PRO’s multi-AI system. This time-saving search function quickly finds people or vehicles through the video management software, Video Insight, Genetec and Milestone.

The new i-PRO S-series is currently available in three models, indoor dome, indoor vandal dome and indoor box, with outdoor models launching from Oct-Dec this year. With premium features now available in their most popular line, the new i-PRO S-series sets the standard in surveillance cameras.

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