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Panasonic i-PRO launches new series of network cameras

Panasonic i-PRO launches new series of network cameras


Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions Corporation of America announced its new i-PRO S-series line of network cameras. With the new i-PRO S-series, the AI processing found in Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions’ premium products is now available in the mid-range line of cameras, the S-series.

The new i-PRO S-series comes with a built-in AI processor that transforms the camera into an edge-computing device to improve your surveillance operations and it also offers the ability to select and install third-party applications without a cloud- or server-based connection.

The new i-PRO S-series cameras provide stronger H.265 coding efficiency to conserve network bandwidth and server storage capacities and stronger image processing optimisation allows them to adapt to changing environments. This means these new cameras produce clearer images with less noise even in low-light conditions.

Another addition to this new line is sound classification, which allows you to set alarms for targeted sounds, such as gunshots, yelling, vehicle horns and glass breaking, using an external mic. Plus, the new i-PRO S-series is compatible with i-PRO’s multi AI system, a time-saving search function that quickly finds people or vehicles through the video management software, Video Insight and Genetec.

“The new i-PRO S-series is an extension of our flagship line of network cameras, the S-series. This new line allows everyone the opportunity to experience the power of edge-computing technology,” said Bill Brennan, President, Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions Corp. of America. “At i-PRO, we believe that security is the top priority and offering premium features in our mid-range line of cameras allows more access to the technology that helps create a safer world.”

The new i-PRO S-series is currently available in three models, indoor dome, indoor vandal dome and indoor box. With premium features now available in its most popular line, the new i-PRO S-series is setting the standard in surveillance cameras.

For more information, visit https://surveillance.i-pro.com/.

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