Home News MOBOTIX collaborates with Milestone Systems to launch its new VMS
MOBOTIX collaborates with Milestone Systems to launch its new VMS

MOBOTIX collaborates with Milestone Systems to launch its new VMS


MOBOTIX strengthens its cooperation with Milestone Systems to launch its new Video Management System, MOBOTIX HUB, which will be available in different versions. From an entry level solution for smaller applications to enterprise solutions with an unlimited number of cameras, failover and an even larger portfolio of analytics and integrations.

Thomas Lausten, CEO at MOBOTIX

MOBOTIX HUB is the next step in the evolving MOBOTIX strategy focusing on cyber-secure, high-end video solutions and will extend the current MOBOTIX solution portfolio including MOBOTIX Management Center and MOBOTIX CLOUD.

“With this solution, we can increase and develop even more opportunities for our partners and customers thanks to the even more extensive integration options and the high scalability,” says MOBOTIX CEO Thomas Lausten.

“Regardless of the requirements, using the appropriate Video Management System will increase not only the performance but also the possibilities of the solution,” emphasizes MOBOTIX CTO Hartmut Sprave. “We can serve any key vertical market with our solutions and they each have very different demands with regards to video security software features and performance. The broad positioning is important for us since we are a solution provider. Only flexibility and versatility allow us to tailor solutions precisely to the individual requirements of our customers.”

Video technology has evolved beyond purely security-focused requirement. Providing data for optimization, analysis, marketing and integrating into other systems is now a day to day necessity. “As a technology company, we need to keep the pace of the growing and continually changing demands in the marketplace. MOBOTIX HUB is an important part of this strategy but we will also continue to support the integration with other VMS partners in order to ensure the best solutions for our customers based on their preferences,” says Lausten.

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