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MachinesTalk to implement IoT at TAWAL’s Smart Towers

MachinesTalk to implement IoT at TAWAL’s Smart Towers


TAWAL, the leading Saudi ICT Infrastructure company, has signed an agreement with MachinesTalk the leading national provider of IoT solutions, under which it will develop TAWAL’s smart towers using IoT technology to manage its infrastructure.

TAWAL’s smart towers offer three main features including smart sensors that can remotely monitor the tower’s sites, predict the likelihood of faults before they arise, and take on precautionary measures to ensure network continuity. Moreover, the technology controls the site access as it activates smart locks allowing authorized personnel to enter the site.

The third feature emphasizes a highly efficient and accurate distribution of energy consumption, whereby tenant operators can now identify the actual energy usage using smart meters on site. As a result, TAWAL’s smart towers technology is designed to improve the overall experience of its partners and enhance its operations with more flexibility.

Saeed Alshehri, Chief Operation Officer of TAWAL, said “Smart Towers initiative is strategic for TAWAL’s digital journey. It uses cutting-edge technology to operate sites efficiently, monitor power consumption effectively, and enable our clients to access the sites seamlessly”. He ensured that Smart towers are crucial to TAWAL’s vision and objectives which aims to develop a state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

TAWAL will be activating smart towers on 2,000 sites using IoT technology to effectively manage and maintain operational excellence and reduce the response time required to site malfunctions. This comes as part of TAWAL’s strategy to provide innovative solutions to its clients, increase their profitability and allow them to shift their focus to their core business and boost the quality of their services.

Nawaaf Al Shalani, CEO of MachinesTalk added “In today’s world, the Internet of Things (IoT) constitutes a key pillar for a digital transformation. It grants the ability to smartly manage operational processes both effectively and efficiently. We are pleased to be joining hands with TAWAL to build on this technology and develop the industry’s ICT services with a fresh and revamped digital setup.”

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