Home News Intertek emphasizes on value of supply chain resilience at Annual Safety Day
Intertek emphasizes on value of supply chain resilience at Annual Safety Day

Intertek emphasizes on value of supply chain resilience at Annual Safety Day

Samir Ahmed

World’s leading Total Quality Assurance provider, Intertek discussed the significance of safety and workplace conditions in a supply chain at the third edition of Annual Safety Day held recently in Abu Dhabi. The event, “Safety in Supply Chain”, was attended by procurement leaders and safety experts discussing issues of safety in the workplace from a holistic viewpoint, including occupational health and worker welfare. The conference also touched on the importance of supply chain assurance services and management system audits.

Samir Ahmed, General Manager for Intertek Business Assurance in the Gulf, highlighted how the changing business environment has led to the adoption of best business practices when it comes to quality and safety management in a session titled “Supply chain resilience, the value it brings”.

Companies now realise the importance of assessing workplace conditions across their supply chains. This requires total visibility and advanced risk management solutions to ensure workplace safety and security, provided by Intertek through its Total Quality Assurance offering. Without real transparency in companies’ supply chains, uncontrolled risks can lead to claims, loss of goodwill and brand reputation.

However, new assessment tools have emerged for evaluating, benchmarking and continuously improving workplace conditions, allowing for closer alignment with industry norms and best practices as well as valuable customer feedback.

Samir Ahmed, in the panel session on “Standards, laws, regulators and industry leaders”, said: “Safety in your supply chain can no longer be considered a local or isolated singularity for organisations. Neglecting workplace conditions can have a negative impact on companies when a crisis or workplace accident occurs. Regional governments are continuously working on health and safety frameworks. Transparency in supply chains, being vigilant and having the right tools to assess and eliminate potential risks brings value to organisations and helps to avoid real disasters.”


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