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Innovatrics SmartFace integrates with Milestone XProtect

Innovatrics SmartFace integrates with Milestone XProtect


Slovak Republic based multimodal biometric technology vendor, Innovatrics, today announced that its SmartFace facial recognition system has been verified by Milestone Marketplace and has been successfully integrated into the Milestone XProtect video management software, empowering users to explore the various applications of video management systems.SmartFace is a high-accuracy facial recognition platform able to handle multiple real-time video streams in parallel, powered by top-ranked algorithms based on the most recent National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) results. Integration with Milestone XProtect is easy to install and provides instant information about detected and identified persons in the video management system.

When securing any physical facility, receiving detected and identified alarms in real time can be extremely useful. If someone appearing on the video belongs to a specified watchlist detected by SmartFace, a notification is instantly sent. The analyzed event sent to Milestone will also contain the information about the source of the event.

The integration is technically simple. The service listens to SmartFace notifications about detected and identified persons from live video streams and then translates them into a Milestone data structure that can easily be read by XProtect. Together with this service, a desktop application is available that serves as a configurator for both connectivity and camera mapping between these two systems.

“With the flawless integration of SmartFace with XProtect, Innovatrics can reach a global audience demanding a robust and reliable face recognition platform that optimizes business processes and improves how people conduct their everyday activities,” commented Marián Beňo, Product Manager at Innovatrics. “Not only can SmartFace process multiple cameras at the same time, but it is also designed to allow system integrators and end users to benefit from its tracking options, precise accuracy, and scaling possibilities.”


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