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G4S secures Kenya’s Bamburi Cement

G4S secures Kenya’s Bamburi Cement


Kenya’s largest cement manufacturer, Bamburi Cement with two manufacturing plants located in Mombasa and Athi River selected G4S to provide enhanced security at both these sites without impacting on the high intensity of its operations.

Nicholas Mbithi, Contract Manager for Kenya, G4S revealed that the company used the best possible technology and seamlessly integrated with its manned guarding operations to ensure 300 trucks a day  for Bamburi Cement were being loaded correctly without causing a backlog and also eliminated the risks posed by criminal elements that were targeting the sector.

Prior to our partnership, truck inspection reports were filled in manually with pen and paper, which meant any discrepancies were not easy to resolve and the data was open to manipulation. The order forms filled in by truck drivers were also pen and paper, which meant they were often misplaced, or the release time was deliberately altered so they could jump the queue.

All our security officers on site carry an electronic device to track their observations and inspection reports are completed on the devices, creating a fully automated reporting system for the customer.

The installation of surveillance cameras in the cement loading areas has allowed our CCTV operators to monitor the loading and sealing process, from a safe distance on site. They can ensure that each truck is loaded as assigned, with the right volume of material. Having this oversight of a key part of the customers’ operation has significantly reduced their exposure to disputes and theft through collusion.

Another area G4S has had a tangible impact is with our protection of site perimeters. Due to the abundance of raw materials on site, it was a frequent target for thefts. Through improved reinforcement of electric fences and the installation of motion sensors, we are able to detect any suspicious movements and assign a patroller to immediately investigate.

As well as physical security measures, G4S has assisted Bamburi with securing its data too. G4S is closely monitoring its firewall performance and access to the server room is remotely controlled by G4S to prevent unauthorised intrusions. An access control biometric system was introduced to identify all staff on site and assist with monitoring working hours and overtime.

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