Home Case Study VIVOTEK upgrades security at South Africa’s BP Manor Garage Gas Station
VIVOTEK upgrades security at South Africa’s BP Manor Garage Gas Station

VIVOTEK upgrades security at South Africa’s BP Manor Garage Gas Station


Providing a safe and secure environment to drive into the lane and fuel up vehicles is a key factor in ensuring improved customer satisfaction for a gas station. To offer better service to the customer, VIVOTEK has assisted BP Manor Garage Gas Station, located in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, to upgrade their existing security system.

Most of the existing cameras on-site at the BP Manor Garage Gas Station, installed about four years ago, were adequate for the customer’s current requirements. The BP Manor Garage Gas Station did not want to replace most of the older cameras, meaning that retrofitting was an essential aspect of the project. However, major updates were required. Some of the older cameras were damaged because their seal had worn out, allowing water to enter. On the storage side, the user needed to retain recorded footage for four months while enabling remote viewing from a location that was about 5 kilometers away.

BP Manor already had a strong and positive history of using VIVOTEK complete IP surveillance systems, including network cameras, network video recorders (NVR) and video management software. This long-term partnership and trust ensured that the company continued to choose the same brand. A total of 50 cameras were installed, covering areas from driveways to cash points, the shop floor, pump islands, and staff rooms.

VIVOTEK began the project by replacing the damaged cameras with IB9360-H and IB9388-HT. These bullet cameras deliver high-quality images and are weather-proof with an IP66 rating and vandal-proof with IK10-rated housing. In order to meet the unique demands of the gas stations, a mini fisheye camera with a 360-degree surround view can cover the shop floor, while box and fixed dome cameras cover an indoor cashpoint, and weather-proof and vandal-proof bullet cameras protect outdoor driveways.

The transformation also included three existing network video recorders (NVR) were replaced with a single 128 channel, 16 hot-swappable HDD bays NVR, the NR9782-v2. The whole system was connected and managed by VIVOTEK’s state-of-the-art video management software VAST 2, empowering the customer to control the footage better with smart search, video analytics report, and third-party data source with Data Magnet functionality.

The Data Magnet enables importing PoS data into VAST 2, providing rapid access to the recorded data while supporting the simultaneous display of sales transaction information during live streaming. The result has meant that BP Manor can continue to grow its business intelligently. Their customers can be assured of their safety and security as they return to this trusted brand, just as BP Manor has returned to VIVOTEK.

“Ever since 2010, we have been supplying and installing VIVOTEK’s IP surveillance system and offering them to our customers as a premium option. They provide unparalleled quality and performance. We remain loyal to the brand and can vouch for the product’s durability and performance.”, stated Azam Paruk, Azrea Installations, Managing Partner.

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