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FMS Tech to present Eagle Eye 2K at GITEX

FMS Tech to present Eagle Eye 2K at GITEX

Bassam Alkassar, founder and chief executive officer at FMS Tech

FMS Tech announced that it will be presenting its FMS Eagle Eye 2K among other products and services at the forth coming GITEX Technology Week next month. The Eagle Eye 2K consists of two smart cameras – one facing the road and the other facing the driver, which are integrated with the IVMS device. Designed for optimum security in fleets; the FMS Eagle Eye camera system is a four-channel digital video recorder for in-car surveillance.

It uses an embedded processor and operating system with 3G GSM WiFi router and the latest technology in the market today for audio and video compression and decompression, large capacity SD card recording, high intelligence and high stability.

The in-cabin security cameras provide high quality recording, live streaming, snapshot for driver ID verification and violation recording, playback capabilities for heightened security, and wired or wireless camera options. It also records and stores the information on the device storage locally and sends event-based real-time video feeds to the control room.

“We want to demonstrate how the community, our client and we can work together to make roads safer. The FMS Tech engineers and myself will be there in person to help the visitors better understand the solutions.” said Bassam Alkassar, founder and CEO at FMS Tech.

In addition to the FMS Eagle Eye 2K, FMS Tech will be showcasing their other fleet management solutions and efficient devices.


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