Home News Monitor Computer Systems integrates video monitoring plug in from Eagle Eye
Monitor Computer Systems integrates video monitoring plug in from Eagle Eye

Monitor Computer Systems integrates video monitoring plug in from Eagle Eye


Eagle Eye Networks, recently announced that Monitor Computer Systems in the UK has integrated the new video monitoring plug in from Eagle Eye Networks.

“Eagle Eye Networks is becoming more connected to the ecosystem of the physical security industry around the world. Our easy to use Eagle Eye Video APIs are able to quickly connect to partners and broaden the ecosystem even further. I am extremely happy that we are able to connect to control rooms as they are an important player in the security industry,” says Dean Drako, CEO of Eagle Eye Networks. “Cloud Video Surveillance is catching on quickly now in the UK and we have seen in other countries that when Monitoring Centers are adopting our service, more resellers and end users are inclined to go for Cloud Video Surveillance as well which in turn is spiraling the move to Cloud Video Surveillance.”

The Eagle Eye Video API handles all the heavy lifting of interfacing to the cameras, recording the video, securely transmitting it to the cloud, storing it, and then making it available to use in Video monitoring environments. All of the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS user interfaces (web, iOS, Android) have been written using the same API.

“Monitor Computer Systems is pleased to announce the integration of Eagle Eye Cloud Services for video surveillance into our Sentinel platform. Our customers will be able to extend the range of support to include this versatile cloud-based system,“ says Michael Askew, Managing Director, Monitor Computer Systems.

The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS offers a platform first, camera agnostic solution that empowers users to shift away from a one-size fits all approach by creating customized, tailored solutions that optimize performance and orchestrate video surveillance and video analytics solutions across business infrastructures. Currently, Eagle Eye works with over 2000 cameras, both analog, IP and even TVI. Clients can easily work with existing cameras reducing the necessary investments for new cameras. All Eagle Eye Products are Cloud-based meaning there is no software to install or update, even remote camera resets are possible by  reducing the number of times a reseller has to visit a customer to reset a camera. For dealers, the Eagle Eye products also give the opportunity to create a monthly revenue-generating business.

To learn more about becoming an Eagle Eye Certified Channel partner go to www.een.com/reseller/reseller-program-overview/. For more info on our Video API Platform go to www.een.com/solutions/video-api/


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