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Dahua launches mini PT/PTZ series for easy installation

Dahua launches mini PT/PTZ series for easy installation


To reduce installation difficulty and extend the effective monitoring range of cameras, Dahua Technology, launched its new mini PT/PTZ series, a small-sized IP cameras with various pan and tilt ranges.

Boasting compact design and excellent product performance, the mini PT/PTZ series offers a cost-effective solution for various small- and medium-sized applications such as retails, hotels,casinos, supermarkets, entrances, etc.

The mini PT/PTZ series allows you to remotely alter the camera angle by yourself at any time via computer, thus saving labor cost. Users can also choose ceiling or wall mount just by adjusting the mounting plate of the machine, which reduces the cost of purchasing additional accessories.

Since cameras are no longer at a fixed angle, the monitoring area can be enlarged by rotating the cameras. In other words, users only need to buy fewer cameras for wider monitoring range, and as a result, reducing the cost of purchasing.

Moreover, through mini PT/PTZ system, users can not only adjust the angle but also zoom in at will if they want to see the details more clearly when certain things occur, which function is supported by the excellent performance of Dahua Technology’s IP cameras. It is anticipated that very soon Dahua mini PT/PTZ family will welcome its new member DH-SD1A404XB-GNR that supports people counting and heat map for automatic calculation of the customer flow.

In general, Dahua Technology’s new mini PT/PTZ series features powerful optical zoom and accurate pan/tilt performance while saving a great deal of money and labor force in terms of installation and purchasing, which advantage makes it a good choice for users especially from areas where labor cost is high.


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