Home News AMG Systems launches AMG210M Series of Ultra-Mini SFP Media Converters
AMG Systems launches AMG210M Series of Ultra-Mini SFP Media Converters

AMG Systems launches AMG210M Series of Ultra-Mini SFP Media Converters


AMG Systems expanded its range of Ethernet transmission solutions with the release of AMG210M Series of Ultra-Mini SFP Media Converters. Designed for commercial applications (0-50°C), the new range of media converters include options for 100Mb, Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet transmission, all of which incoporate intelligent configuration features at a very competitive price point.

Built into an ultra-compact (90x60x20mm) housing, the AMG210M series is available in four variants; including a 100Mb Media Converter, a Multi Rate Media Converter 100/1000Mb a Dual Port Multi Rate Media Converter (100/1000Mb) and a 10GB SFP+ Media Converter.

Easy and quick to install, each mini media converter features user-selectable DIP switches to allow the configuration of intelligent features, such as Link Fault Pass-Through, where the loss of either the RJ45 or SFP will cause the corresponding port to link down, enabling a fault to be detected by other connected devices. Other configurable features include, port isolation, jumbo frames, automatic laser shutdown and SFP speed selection.

Supporting network continuity, the mini media converter’s Automatic Reset function detects if a fibre connection is lost, and automatically performs a power cycle to try and  re-establish the link, reducing system downtime and engineering callouts.

For ease of installation, all of the AMG210M series media converters ship with an in-line style wall mountable power supply and can be deployed standalone or wall mounted using the included mounting kit. To fit the vast scope of applications Multimode or Singlemode SFPs can either be included in the wide choice of units or ordered separately from AMG’s extensive range of SFP modules.

For additional installation flexibility, the optional AMG210C high density chassis with dual redundant PSU’s allows up to twelve AMG210M Series media converters to be rack mounted into 1U of space making it ideal for applications where rack density is a key requirement and provides one of the highest rack mount densities in the industry.

“We’ve designed the new mini SFP media converters to support the transmission of video and data systems in commercial environments, such as airport terminals, university campuses, large retail premises, shopping centre’s and distribution warehouses,” says Tom Exley, Technical Director. “A cost effective and compact commercial grade product, the new mini media converters offer installers a true fit-and-forget, maintenance free solution.”

AMG Systems are a leading manufacturer of commercial and environmentally hardened Ethernet transmission solutions, for the security and critical infrastructure markets.

To find out more about the new AMG210M Series Mini SFP Media Converter range or other AMG products, customers can call AMG on +44 (0)1767 600 777, email: sales@amgsystems.com, or visit www.amgsystems.com

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