Home News D-Link gets ready to roll out new products for smart home market
D-Link gets ready to roll out new products for smart home market

D-Link gets ready to roll out new products for smart home market


D-Link is well-positioned to leverage the opportunities that smart homes and mesh technologies will bring about in 2020. The global smart home market is estimated to be valued more than $53 billion by 2022. The backbone technologies fueling the growth of this segment include Internet of Things (IoT), enabled by fast and stable Wi-Fi connections.

Sakkeer Hussain, Sales & Marketing Director at D-Link MEA

Over the next few quarters, D-Link aims to introduce a number of new and innovative products in the mesh networks space, reinforcing its leadership in the market. Mesh routers are the cutting-edge technology modernization for home Wi-Fi setups, that can be the answer to most Wi-Fi challenges.

Sakkeer Hussain, Director, Sales and Marketing, D-Link Middle East and Africa, said, “Many channel partners and customers are still not clear about how mesh routers work and why it is the better option. Partners find it challenging to convince customers to upgrade their old routers, let alone make the switch to mesh routers. At D-Link, we enable our partners and customers to stay on top of the latest market trends.”

Often one of the biggest problems for most users is having spaces in their homes where the Wi-Fi connection is not strong enough or suddenly drops. A mesh router system employs multiple Wi-Fi routers, part of a single wireless network, to operate together to cover every part of your home with an uninterrupted and strong wireless data connection.

“Technologies are evolving at a dynamic pace. It is important to stay up to date with the latest technology to get the best possible results. Mesh networks adapt more efficiently to the way technology is used today,” added Hussain. As a global connectivity solutions provider, D-Link has launched its all-new Exo Smart Mesh Wi-Fi Router series earlier this year, adding to its portfolio of seamless connection solutions for the home, in the Middle East and Africa market. The next-generation routers offer high-performance Wi-Fi connectivity combined with McAfee protection, providing a faster and more secure home network.


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