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BriefCam boosts comprehensive video analytic capabilities

BriefCam boosts comprehensive video analytic capabilities


BriefCam announced significant advancements to its product portfolio, including v5.6 of its innovative and extensible video content analytics platform, as well additional deployment models that further enable customers to fully leverage their video surveillance investments. The latest release also includes improvements in performance, accuracy and usability across its product lines.

Stephanie Weagle, CMO at BriefCam

“BriefCam continues to build upon its best-in-class video analytics platform with key capabilities that expand use cases for accelerating video investigations, attaining situational awareness and deriving operational intelligence,” said Stephanie Weagle, BriefCam CMO. “We are excited to offer innovative new features and more freedom of choice for deploying BriefCam video analytics.”

BriefCam’s robust portfolio of critical video analytics solutions, fully integrated and architected for flexible deployment models, is designed to meet the safety, security, and operational efficiency needs of today and tomorrow. New v5.6 capabilities include:

  • License Plate Recognition: Designed especially for “in the wild” surveillance scenarios, BriefCam’s differentiated license plate recognition enables users to search video and pinpoint vehicle license plates across cameras and videos based on watchlists, data uploads and existing video. Users can trigger rule-based alerts when license plates appearing in a predefined watchlist are detected. Data analysts can quantify, measure and trend vehicle activity based on license plate recognition.
  • People Counting: Configure count-based rules to monitor and alert on the increase or decrease of people in a pre-defined range of view or area. Leveraging pose detection techniques for improved accuracy, BriefCam tracks even semi-obstructed people, enabling the quantification and visualization of occupancy data over time and the actionable intelligence can be leveraged in real-time to detect queue formation thresholds.
  • BriefCam Mobile App: BriefCam Mobile App users can now pinpoint faces in video by leveraging face recognition capabilities to view and select faces found in videos, and search for their appearances across other cameras. For video search, images of faces can be taken with the device camera or uploaded from its gallery or from external sources.

BriefCam further enables its video content analytics beyond the confines of a centralized location, enabling flexible deployment models. By doing so, new use cases are introduced, total cost of ownership is reduced, and video processing requirements can be distributed:

  • BriefCam Investigator, Cloud Edition: With BriefCam’s initial cloud offering, law enforcement agencies can take advantage of rapid video investigation for file-based video ingestion without any on-premise hardware requirements. Reducing the total cost of ownership and eliminating capital expenditures with a flexible, subscription-based pricing-model based on processing hour, storage and concurrent user quota packages. A highly secure, cost-efficient and scalable solution, Investigator, Cloud Edition empowers video investigators to rapidly accelerate video investigations.
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