Home News Agent Vi partners with Genetec to offer end-to-end intelligent video surveillance solutions
Agent Vi partners with Genetec to offer end-to-end intelligent video surveillance solutions

Agent Vi partners with Genetec to offer end-to-end intelligent video surveillance solutions


Agent Vi has partnered with Genetec to offer end-to-end intelligent video surveillance solutions for real-time detections and alerts, video investigation and business intelligence applications. As a long-time technology partner of Genetec, Agent Vi’s AI video analytics solutions are seamlessly integrated with Genetec Security Center platform.

This integration enables customers to receive, display and manage innoVi’s (Agent Vi’s AI-powered video analytics software platform) real-time events, post-event investigation and business intelligence reports on Genetec Security Center platform.

innoVi is Agent Vi’s feature-rich, AI-powered video analytics software platform. It provides a broad set of highly sophisticated video analytics capabilities for enhanced security and safety. innoVi is available as a cloud-based SaaS or as an on-premise software, offering capabilities that meet the needs of any Genetec customer.

innoVi is an open architecture video analytics software platform, which makes it applicable to any surveillance system. Its scalable robust architecture is applicable to installations of all sizes, with any number of cameras across multiple distributed sites, while offering the most attractive TCO.

As a mission-critical cloud platform, innoVi was designed to provide high-service availability, full redundancy, seamless automated backups and upgrades, along with 24/7 network & camera health monitoring. Customers, who choose to deploy innoVi locally (on-premise), still benefit from the same cloud-architecture advantages.

Agent Vi’s advantages include:

  • Advanced AI-powered analytics – State-of-the-art AI algorithms provide broad object classification capabilities at the highest accuracy levels, even in the most challenging environments.
  • Open architecture solutions – Agent Vi’s solutions are camera agnostic and integrate with Genetec Security Center platform.
  • Comprehensive feature set – A broad feature set incorporated into a single platform, offering rule-based, real-time event detection, autonomous anomaly detection, forensic investigation, and statistical analysis.
  • SaaS & on-premise – In addition to its on-premise software deployment and licensing models, Agent Vi offers its solutions as a cloud-based SaaS, allowing infinite scalability.
  • Lowest TCO – The unique distributed architecture combined with Deep Learning implementation over Intel CPUs, instead of expensive GPUs, positions innoVi as the most reasonable priced solution in the market, in terms of hardware cost per camera.

innoVi is fully integrated with Genetec Security Center platform, allowing the full range of innoVi’s capabilities on every camera connected to the surveillance system, through Genetec Security Center. The integration enables real-time detections through multiple video sources. The events are then sent as alarms to Genetec Security Center, which allows full event management, through Genetec Security Desk.

Through the innoVi – Genetec integration, investigation is done from within Genetec Security Center client application, enabling retrieval of relevant video data from the original recorded video, according to user-defined queries.

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