Home Camera 3xLOGIC announces sweeping updates across its extensive line of cameras
3xLOGIC announces sweeping updates across its extensive line of cameras

3xLOGIC announces sweeping updates across its extensive line of cameras


3xLOGIC, a provider of integrated, intelligent security solutions, has announced sweeping technology updates across its extensive line of cameras. Highlights of these updated cameras include:

3xLOGIC All-in-One cameras now have increased storage options up to 1 TB in total. Other notable features for these versatile cameras:

  • VISIX All-in-One Series of cameras have onboard storage and function as a standalone VIGIL Server.
  • Compatible with entire VIGIL Software Suite; direct access thru VIGIL Client and View Lite II mobile app, and VIGIL Central Management for remote health monitoring.
  • With VISIX Setup App (iOS/Android), installers can easily configure cameras for rapid deployment.
  • 128GB and 256GB storage options, and now 512GB and 1TB SD card storage available.

Coming to the VIGIL CLOUD platform, de-warping of our popular Fisheye cameras(VX-6M-360-IAW). Other notable features:

  • This 360° IP camera provides affordable, high-definition 100% coverage and the ability to digitally pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) to any location.
  • 3xLOGIC Panoramic De-warping Software means users achieve real-time viewing of an entire scene from a single camera.
  • Cameras are packed with features to fit any application: motion detection, ideal for low/no light environments, and 120dB WDR.

The popular 3xLOGIC License Plate Capture (LPC) cameras now work on the VIGIL CLOUD platform and offer powerful All-In-One functionality. Other camera benefits include:

  • All the features needed for nearly any application: motion detection, remote focus, license plate capture with post event review, and easy installation in a multitude of locations.
  • All-In-One functionality means onboard storage, and with purchase of appropriate li-censing the camera is a standalone recording device, with redundant recording to VIGIL Server.
  • Highly cost-effective application when post-event investigations require precise imaging to identify license plates. Plate capture accuracy in low-security and low-light environments.

In addition to upgraded features for the VISIX line of cameras, 3xLOGIC will also be introducing the Next Gen 96-Channel NVR, enabling increased camera counts with fewer servers, and improved processing for higher camera counts. Also of note:

  • These recording appliances are cost-effective and include the award-winning VIGIL enterprise grade video management platform that is easy to deploy, and easy to expand.
  • End users own a system that addresses today’s needs with the ability to scale for to-morrow’s demands.

18TB Hard Drive option for VIGIL Servers. Now available with 18TB hard drive storage option to further expand enterprise capabilities of the 3xLOGIC VIGIL Server Platform.


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