Home News Teknoware to launch new lighting products in the region
Teknoware to launch new lighting products in the region

Teknoware to launch new lighting products in the region


Teknoware Middle East has announced the plans to launch the Seven Series line of its centralized emergency lighting control panels, as well as other state-of-the-art luminaire solutions in the region.

Mohammed Sufiyan, General Manager for Teknoware Middle East FZCO

The Middle East real estate sector is emerging as a global leader in the adoption of technologies to optimize sustainability, energy efficiency, and digitally enhanced operations and maintenance. The new-generation luminaires, and Cloud-enabled monitoring and control systems, introduced by Teknoware, will play a critical role in driving this transformation further.

“The ability to control and monitor the Teknoware Seven Series Panel remotely, over cloud, will revolutionise the functionality of emergency lighting systems, in the region” says Mohammed Sufiyan, General Manager for Teknoware Middle East. “SSL Cyber Security certification, and single window access to globally integrated facilities, ensure secure monitoring and control from anywhere across the world, and we’re excited about bringing this innovative technology to customers in the MEA & APAC regions”.

The secure, remote monitoring and control features, enabled by Teknoware Seven Series Panel, give users access to automatic status reports of luminaires – including error logs and test results; selectable output circuits – with possible parallel connections of up to 6A; as well as universal diagnostics portal which can be used to schedule tests, manage maintenance operations, and streamline several other day-to-day operations using an intuitive, touch-screen interface. The panel load ranges from 1.4 KW to 25.2 KW, and the luminaire circuits range from 4 to 72, giving it the capability to address even the most demanding site-specific needs.

Netherlands based, Netix Global BV, through its ME office, will be the first company to seamlessly integrate Teknoware cloud enabled control panels with building management systems, using the Netix vendor neutral driver. The Teknoware cloud is part of the Niagara Community, a software framework that enables secure device-to-enterprise applications.

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