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Eaton launches ‘Fundamentals of emergency lighting’ guide

Eaton launches ‘Fundamentals of emergency lighting’ guide


Eaton announced the launch of its new guide ‘Fundamentals of emergency lighting,’ which makes an ideal starting point for building owners, consultants and installers considering planning a system – or simply wanting to update their existing EL knowledge.

Ashraf Yehia, Managing Director for the Middle East,  Eaton

According to Eaton, this easy-to-read 50pp guide has been compiled by its experts and takes a step-by-step approach to explaining the key considerations around core emergency lighting system technology, compliance, risk factors, design and product choice. It also features an illustrated example system that shows how – and why – it came together.

Ashraf Yehia, Managing Director, Eaton Middle East, said, “While we know that every emergency lighting project is different, we believe our new guide offers an ideal balance of information for our building owner, consultant and installer audience.”

From the outset the priority has been to produce a practical, accessible resource that draws on Eaton’s leadership and deep knowledge in the emergency lighting space but doesn’t attempt to cover every possibility down to every last technical detail. Instead, the guide encourages readers looking to plan a system to use it as a first step on their emergency lighting journey – bringing Eaton specialists into the conversation when they feel ready.

The company sees the new publication as especially relevant as it enables the many different professionals involved in the buying process to talk on the same level – from the initial stages of designing a system or building. It starts by taking a step back to understand the technology choices, before going deeper into design considerations. Once people understand why emergency lighting is needed, they can better understand why a consultant is suggesting a specific system.

Qasem Noureddin, Sales Director, Life Safety Division, Eaton Middle East, added, “Whether exploring key system considerations such as self-contained versus central battery approaches or manual and automatic testing, it unpacks emergency lighting in a unique way that’s both visual and memorable.”

‘Fundamentals of emergency lighting’ reflects Eaton’s commitment to giving its customers all the information and tools they need to make good system choices including whitepapers, webinars, success stories, 3D modelling and more.

You can click at Fundamentals of emergency lighting’ and download the guide.
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