Home Camera Swann launches two new security cameras solutions
Swann launches two new security cameras solutions

Swann launches two new security cameras solutions


Swann, a globally renowned provider of do-it-yourself security solutions, has announced the release of the Swann Tracker security camera as well as the Swann Enforcer camera systems in 4K resolution, a perfect indoor and outdoor security solution for any home or business.

Swann Tracker security camera
The Swann Tracker is one of the world’s first compact, non-mechanical pan-tilt security camera that includes auto-tracking. And the key features for same are:

  • Compact, non-mechanical pan-tilt indoor security camera – It uses innovative auto-tracking technology to track and record moving objects without physically having to pan or tilt.
  • Auto-zoom capability – It ensures any suspicious activity is kept targeted and in-focus for up to 2 objects at once within a second camera view while the main 180-degree widescreen full-room view remains onscreen via the Swann Security app.
  • Infrared night vision which can see in the dark up to 32ft / 10m, automatically turning on when the lights are off.
  • Two-way audio – Greet visitors, talk to pets or warn off intruders.
  • Easy to install – Just plug into power and connect through Wi-Fi.

Swann Enforcer security systems
The Enforcer is Swann’s latest camera that includes motion-activated, red and blue flashing lights, spotlight, siren (on 4K variant) and additional features to deter intruders. Swann has announced two new additions to their security products line. And the key features for same are:

  • Motion-activated police-style, red and blue flashing lights – Deters intruders, while their spotlights, sirens (4K version only), and mobile alerts ensure intruders are left with nowhere to hide.
  • Night2Day colour night vision – Available on the 1080P model, this ensures complete protection and peace of mind 24/7.
  • True Detect Heat and Motion technology – Sensing people and cars for more reliable security monitoring and fewer false alarms.
  • Free local storage on DVR – Up to 180 days onto a 2TB hard drive, plus the ability to upload clips to the cloud for free.

“While many of us are staying home to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the need to safeguard our homes and small businesses has never been of greater importance. These next generation Swann surveillance products offer advanced features to prevent and deter unwanted intruders outside and inside the house,” said Michael (Mike) Lucas, CEO, Swann.

He adds, “Swann’s latest products continue the Swann tradition of providing consumers with easy to use, reliable, home security protection and 24/7 peace of mind.”

Total security control via Swann Security app
These new products are part of a complete security ecosystem that can be managed under the ‘Swann Security’ app. This gives users a unique ability to control wired and wireless security devices from multiple sites, stream live video, always receive rich notifications and know what’s happening in one place.

Swann is the only vendor that offers a complete line up of inter-connectable wired and wireless security solutions that is also completely integrated with Google Assistant and Alexa.

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