Q-Face Pro comes equipped with an AI-based face recognition algorithm and a Neural Processing Unit (NPU)—the latest in AI processor technology—providing fast and accurate face recognition performance for up to 50,000 users. In addition, it promises a high level of accuracy for the detection of fake faces, along with highly accurate authentication performance when users’ faces change, such as when wearing different types and colours of masks, hairstyles, hats and glasses.

Q-Face Pro has been designed to meet European GDPR regulations and protects user information from external hacking attempts by incorporating a separate Secure Element (SE) chip and adopting the highest level of user face data encryption technology. In addition, it provides field reliability through optimised radiant heat design and supports a number of contactless authentication methods including face recognition, QR codes and barcodes for enhanced user convenience.

Q-Face Pro transforms ordinary physical security devices into highly advanced AI face recognition products. It can be applied to various use cases such as access control devices, time and attendance terminals, smart kiosks for customer management, data centres, ATMs, unmanned vending machines, door locks, automotives and IoT. To help customers integrate Q-Face Pro quickly and easily, Suprema AI provides SDKs for each major OS(Operating System) version including Android, along with real-time technical support channels to optimise development solutions.

During product pre-evaluations conducted before the official launch, Q-Face Pro received favourable reviews from the world’s leading physical security product manufacturers based in North America and Europe. And according to the company, a number of global customers are now preparing to launch new products with Q-Face Pro.

“The result of in-depth market research, Q-Face Pro is a next-generation face recognition OEM module that reflects the needs of large-scale customers leading the global market today,” said Song Bong-Seop, CEO of Suprema AI. “We expect to further enhance our global leadership in the Edge AI solutions industry by creating use cases in new fields and expanding the market.”

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